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About ME


Ella Audrey Rae (born 4 May 1995) is a 23 year old American journalist, web designer and entrepreneur. In 2010 she created lifestyle and music publication, Gold Crwn Magazine. GCM is now on it’s 38th issue. This year she has launched empowering girls social network GurlX, creative arts and media agency Division 34 Studios and online radio station GXL Radio. Rae graduated from high school in 2013 and did not attend college. She cites that she learned web design from Google. “I googled everything I have ever learned about website design and coding. Everything. You have to have a lot of patience.” Rae has been invited to cover NY Fashion Week and Ashley Stewert’s #FindingAshleyStwert event for her publication. She has also been supported by retail company, Tobi and was featured in Illesthetic Magazine’s 6th issue.