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Self Confidence In Your Art

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Welcome to this seasons creative tips from the desk of an Editor in Chief. I hope you enjoyed last seasons three. This time I will talk about self confidence in your craft. Enjoy.’ 

1. Loving Your Art

Regardless. When it comes to creating original content such as artwork or music or anything, you have to first be happy with the finished project yourself. Even if you add things that others suggested into your vision, make sure when it’s all said and done that it feels authentic to who you are. Never change it to something you don’t agree with because someone doesn’t understand your vision. You are the artist, you are the creator, it is your masterpiece.

2. Critiques vs hate comments.

When asking people how they feel about your project you have to know the difference between someone critiquing your project vs someone hating on your project. People can get really defensive when someone does not agree with their vision which is understandable because that’s your baby, your work. Getting critique’s are okay, it doesn’t mean your work is not good or needs to be change, some people just feel like a piece should be here or there if it was THEIR project. That means its not spoken for you to change it, just to take a note or two. Hating on the other hand does not matter in any shape or form. It shouldn’t hold any weight in your mind.

3. Nothing is perfect.

We all know that one person who takes 50 years to finish a project because they are the ultimate perfectionist. Nothing you do will ever be perfect. That’s not what art is. Most art is created by mistakes that ended up being beautiful. There is always going to be something better you can do to any masterpiece but 95% of the time it’s fine just the way it is. It’s perfect when you are happy with it. You will be happy with it when you trust yourself and know that you are capable of creating beautiful art regardless of what you think or others.

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