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Ella Rae Launches Division 34 Studios

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Chesapeake VA – Gold Crwn Magazine CEO, Ella Audrey Rae has officially launched her creative arts and media collective, Division 34. Division 34 is a media company that combines journalism, radio, and web design all under one roof. Her other projects; Gold Crwn Magazine, GurlX, and GXL Radio will all be housed under this new company name. “I have so many different brands that I wanted to combine them into one package for clients who need a platform to showcase their talents. Coming to Division 34, you get radio opportunities, magazine opportunities, ability to give back and interact with fans plus a team of web designers for your website all in one package. It has always been my dream to design a media company and just buy a building and have creative things happening all around.”

According to Rae, the name was inspired by events that happened in 2017 that helped her gain so much confidence in herself. “The story behind the name is pretty long but it was something I had never experienced in my life. It tore my world apart for a long time. I had no control over anything in my life, I was losing everything and I honestly didn’t know what to do. All I had was my ability to create. When it was all over I gained so much more strength and respect for myself for being able to get through it sane. If I can get through those events then I can get through anything. I also decided that I would try to help others who went through things like that by giving them a place to create. Creating is a lifesaver in a lot of situations that at the moment you can’t get out of. Being able to create keeps a lot of people alive in all honesty. I’ll tell the story soon. Division 34 is me ending a bad chapter and entering a new one with a brand new outlook on myself, life and woman like me. It’s a reminder that I am strong, amazing, and beautiful and I want it to be a reminder to anyone who is apart of it.”

Gold Crwn Magazine, GurlX, and GXL Radio will all stay the same with no name changes or anything. Division 34 will become the parent company for those brands along with offering web design and the ability to being apart all of those brands at the same time without having to go to each separately.

You can visit Division 34 Studios here

About Division 34 Studios:

Division 34 is a media and creative arts company housing brands such as Gold Crwn Magazine, GXL Radio, and GurlX as well as web design.

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